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SABMiller India Collaborates with Key Partners to launch a special program this festive season
SABMiller India’s Road Safety initiative promotes responsible drinking in Bangalore with 'Wise Choice’ through leading collaborations
Bangalore, September 29, 2016 : SABMiller India’s ‘Respect The Road’ program is gearing up to spread the message of responsible drinking through its new initiative titled 'Making Wise Choice is the New Cool'.
Respect The Road (RTR) is SABMiller India’s flagship road safety program, which was launched last year in Bengaluru with the support of the Bengaluru Traffic Police. With the start of the festive season, a series of events and activations would be initiated about road safety with a focus on the issues of drunken drive.
RTR is supported by India's most popular app for transportation Ola and DriveU – the premium chauffeuron-call service. Wise Choice initiative urges the people of Bengaluru to make a wise choice this festive season and ensure they abstain from drinking and driving. The initiative is going to be introduced at 45 leading leisure outlets like Jimi’s, Sherlock Pub, Blue frog to name a few, urging people to choose safer alternatives. To further enhance their support, Ola has roped in their luxury segment OlaLux and would be offering free rides till this festive season.
Devashish Dasgupta, Corporate Affairs and Communication Director, SABMiller India, said “SABMiller India has always been dedicated to promoting a safer community. Keeping this in mind, we have launched the Wise Choice Initiative. We have activated strong partnerships with Ola, DriveU and 45 leading social outlets across Bangalore in educating our consumers the effects of drunken driving.
RTR is promoted through a 360-degree strategy which includes initiatives such as partnerships, outdoor hoardings, broadcast, leveraging digital to engage with target audience; activations and merchandise distribution in bars & pubs, street play competitions and sponsorships.
Anand Subramanian, Sr. Director, Marketing Communications, Ola said, "We are happy to join hands with SABMiller to encourage responsible drinking by enabling alternate options for party goers. We urge users to remember that after a night of celebration, taking a cab home is definitely a smart and responsible decision, in the best interest of oneself and others on the road. The need of the hour is more partnerships like this to promote responsible drinking. Through this initiative, we extend our support to this cause and encourage everyone to create a safer Bangalore, as we continue to work towards our mission of building mobility for a billion Indians."
Ashok Shastry, COO and Co-founder, DriveU said, "Drunk driving is a serious issue that can be easily avoided. We are excited to be part of SABMiller India's ‘Respect the Road - Don’t Drink and Drive’ initiative to keep the roads safe. Over the past year, our partnership with SABMiller India has helped countless customers to be driven home safe by our highly regarded DriveU drivers.”
A combination of social media, on-ground activity and smart partnerships has allowed RTR to reach a sizeable audience. This festive season provides the movement with great context to drive safe road behavior and expand the program’s reach.
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About ‘Respect the Road’ Initiative: ‘Respect the Road’ – Don’t Drink & Drive program is an initiative that is focused towards addressing the issue of drinking and driving in particular and road safety in general. The program was launched in 2011 in the city of Gurgaon in partnership with the local Gurgaon Traffic Police and private partners including chauffeur and taxi companies.
The program introduced an innovative mascot in Gurgaon ‘Traffic Tau’ to promote the message of road safety and provide a helping hand to the Gurgaon Traffic Police. It has also joined hands with Rapid Metro Gurgaon to promote responsible drinking and road safety. ‘Respect the Road’ today is one of India`s biggest don’t’ drink and drive program on digital media - More than 30,000 likes (
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