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Traffic Tau

Respect The Road wanted to a Mascot to be the face of its efforts . A mascot that would be a relatable but at the same time communicates the message sternly to the public. In the North Indian state of Haryana the figure of Tau (literally ‘Dad’s elder brother’) commands respect due to his stature in the family hierarchy. Thus the mascot was created as “Traffic Tau”. Traffic Tau is a Haryanavi man, dressed in white dhoti, blue jacket and red pagri with a lathi, often seen on the roads promoting the message of road safety and providing a helping a hand to the Gurgaon Traffic Police.

The mascot was launched in gurgaon in 2011 in association with Gurgaon traffic police, leading taxi and chauffeur companies, and Radio City. Owing to huge popularity, Gurgaon Traffic Police adopted Traffic Tau as its official mascot, a first of its kind step for any Traffic Regulation Body. Celebrated Bollywood actor Chandrachur Singh played the role of Traffic Tau for the campaign launch.

Traffic tau was promoted both digitally and on-ground. Traffic Tau’s slogans on road safety were promoted at busy intersections throughout the city of Gurgaon in form of posters and hoardings. On several occasions, real live Traffic Tau could be found working with the traffic police. Traffic tau’s road safety messages were also promoted digitally on facebook and twitter.

"We are proud to be associated with Respect the Road and contribute to furthering the case for better road user behavior. We look forward to Traffic Tau propagating the use of alternatives to driving oneself and helping Gurgaon Traffic Police make our cities roads safer"
- Mr. Nikhil Saigal, Co-founder Home Safe

"Respect the Road has successfully worked towards roads safety in Gurgaon for the past one year. With the launch of our mascot, 'Traffic Tau', we have taken an innovative approach towards spreading awareness on the subject. The amiable yet authoritative character of Traffic Tau will instantly connect with people in Gurgaon and resonate with them for its local connect. With the festive forever approaching the character will bring alive the importance of safe driving and spread the message of road safety. These messages would be promoted through Digital. We look forward to a safer Christmas and New Year with the launch of this initiative and urge everyone to pay heed to Traffic Tau."
- Ms. Bharti Arora, JCP-Gurgaon Traffic Police

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